Staley House provides a wide range of stimulating activities aimed at fostering community involvement and citizenship.  Our manager Louise Durber makes it her personal mission to provide the best possible program that includes as many residents as possible.  The Activities Coordinator is Linda Street. Linda carries out one-on-one activities as well as a weekly program tailored to individual needs.

The program is a combination of theme events, external entertainment and individual attention.  We work closely with local schools, churches and other organizations to develop as much outside social contact as possible and to keep the residents attached to their community.  Residents are encouraged to walk around the property and are accompanied, as time allows, for walks around the neighbourhood.  Some of our residents enjoy crafts such as card making which have sold well at our regular fairs.

Local singers are used once a month to provide sing-a-longs and comedy. These singers change regularly.
Armchair Aerobics
Angela, a qualified instructor, visits the home every Wednesday to provide a programme of gentle physical exercise and mental stimulation. She plays upbeat music and encourages movement and dance.
Massage Therapy
Every week a local aromatherapist, Val, provides a soothing foot or hand massage for residents who choose the service.
We have themed fairs for various occasions.  Our Christmas Fair is a big occasion attended by residents, families and visitors. Run by the staff and families, the fair has tombolas, clothes stalls, book stalls, Santa’s grotto, raffles and much more! Funds raised from the fairs are used in the Residents Fund to provide special entertainment or other services for the residents.
The staff make sure we celebrate all occasions. We decorate the home for Halloween and Valentines Day, and have regular music and dances. The support of families is essential for these activities.
Residents’ families are encouraged to participate or conduct activities as much as possible. This help can be reading, helping with a sing-along or even just listening to residents and providing them with an audience.
All the ladies love getting their hair done regularly, even if it is just a wash and set. Jill the hairdresser visits every Tuesday.
Our local Reverend provides communion services every week for those residents who choose to attend.